Photo Journal: Asia 2019 (Pt. 1)

LAX -> SZX (23 Hours Total Travel Time)
23 Hours Like This.... Air Asia, Baby!
I missed you before I even left, bug.
First things first... get to fuckin' work!
Next stop: Bangkok.
Ready to roll!
(Note: getting a new tattoo on my hand before coming to Asia was a bad idea)
A city of temples...
...and FIRE coffee....
...and FIRE food...
...and smiles...
...and more smiles...
...and streewear...
...and art...
(Bangkok Cultural Center)
There was even a 'graffiti shop' (BKK Graf) INSIDE the government-run Arts Center.
The new NMD's are getting some wear and tear.
The Amulet Market was...unreal.
As fate would have it, I found myself in a vegan cheese and burger joint, in downtown Bangkok, owned by one of the most magnetic humans I have ever encountered, Taksina The Great.
I was luck enough to sit down and shoot the shit for with her for The Do Less Podcast, learn about her life and a little more about the Thai people.
Oh yeah. The cheese (and burgers) were some of the best I've ever had.
Shout out to Barefood Bangkok.
I may have gotten some pool time in, too.
Stay tuned to our IG for real-time updates and more shots from the road.
More blog posts, 5 episodes of The Do Less Podcast, and a BUNCH of YT videos coming when I get back to the states in early July!