Purpose: Pin Pets Sustainable Fundraising

Our newest charitable effort is now live... 
Introducing Pin Pets: Sustainable Fundraising.

Pin Pets supports passive fundraising in three ways:

1) Pin Pets will be carried by both shelters and pet stores across the country. Shelters pay nothing up front, and keep 60% of revenue ($3 from each $5 pin sold).

2) When Pin Pets are sold in pet stores, 40% of the sale is donated to a shelter of the pet store's choice.

3) Lastly, when a pin is sold online, $1 from the sale will be donated to our local dog shelter. Pin Pets are available via Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and at www.slothsteady.com/collections/pin-pets

We were able to donate over $12,500 directly to the Capital Area Animal Shelter last year, and we are proud to continue to support shelters in a bigger, more sustainable way.