The Bonsai Bong Pin

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The Bonsai Bong Pin

Open Edition

1.5" tall

Cast in brass and plated in black nickel

Single posted attachment

Delivered on a collectible backer card with a free pin and stickers.



Sloth Steady has been designing hat pins since 2012. We started travelling the country, selling our  pins in parking lots before and after concerts. We have since grown to design hat pins for some of the world's most iconic brands, including Pink Floyd, Marvel Comics, and even The Lord of the Rings.

Our line of 420 pins represents the heart of our brand. We are proud stoners, proud artists, and proud sloths. There are few things that have been as comforting, inspirational, or enduring on our current path as the Cannabis plant has- and as we continue our journey, we know that Mary Jane will always ride shotgun.

Do Less. Smoke More. Sloth Steady. 

The Bonsai Bong Pin
The Bonsai Bong Pin
The Bonsai Bong Pin

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