The 'Teddy' Sloth Pin

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Limited Edition of 300

Fully 3D, cast in brass and plated in Copper


Double posted attachment

Each order is delivered in a velvet bag with a free pin and stickers.


Sloth Steady has been designing super slothy hat pins since 2012, when we started touring the country following Phish and other bands, selling our funny, music, and cartoon-inspired pins in parking lots before and after concerts. We have since grown to design hat pins for some of the largest festivals and musicians in the world, and have expanded our own line to include hip-hop pins, rapper pins, Rick and Morty pins, game of thrones pins, meme pins, and many other cool cheap pins.

Stay Slothy. Do Less.

The 'Teddy' Sloth Pin
The 'Teddy' Sloth Pin
The 'Teddy' Sloth Pin

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