The Do Less Robot Pin

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The 'Do Less Robot' Pin

Open Edition - Part of The Forgotten Future Collection

1.35" Tall 

Stamped in brass and finished hard enamel 

Double posted attachment

Packaged with protective plastic on a collectible backer card

Each order is delivered with a free pin and stickers.


Sloth Steady squad has been designing hat pins since 2012. We started travelling the country, selling our pins in parking lots before and after concerts, and have since grown to design hat pins for some of the most iconic entertainers and events in the world, including Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Kim Kardashian, and Electric Daisy Carnival. We release small collections of our own pins, clothing, and accessories each month, and frequently collaborate with contemporary visual artists and designers.

The Forgotten Future Collection is another in-house line inspired by the bifurcation of our childhood expectations and the reality that adulthood has thrust upon us. Our dreams of a New Space Age, moon colonies, and interstellar travel have become less of a certainty, and more of a sad satire based on the broken hopes and dreams of 60's America. The Forgotten Future line represents what might have been.

Do Less. Dream More. Sloth Steady

The Do Less Robot Pin
The Do Less Robot Pin
The Do Less Robot Pin
The Do Less Robot Pin