The Red Riding Hood Pin

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The Red Riding Hood Pin

Licensed From of the Brandalised Street Art Collection

"Banksy Does Not Endorse Lapel Pins or Sell Freshly Baked Bagels"

1.5" Tall 

Stamped in brass and finished hard enamel.

Double posted attachment

Packaged with protective plastic on a collectible backer card

Each order is delivered with a free pin and stickers.



Sloth Steady has been designing hat pins since 2012. We started traveling the country, selling our  pins in parking lots before and after concerts. We have since grown to design hat pins for some of the world's most iconic brands, including David Bowie, Marvel Comics, and even Kim Kardashian.

We proudly present the Brandalised Street Art Collection.

Sloth Steady. Do Less.

The Red Riding Hood Pin
The Red Riding Hood Pin
The Red Riding Hood Pin